Ina Agnes (Annette) Annett

American 1901 - 1990


Painter of landscapes, book illustrator, and graphic artist, Ina Annett was born in Cleveland, Oklahoma, and moved to Norman, where she was an art teacher at the University of Oklahoma and member of the Oklahoma Art Association. She was a student of Berger Sandzen, Oscar Brousse Jacobsen and George Bridgman and exhibited with the Denver Art Club and the Oklahoma State Fair. Her mediums were oil, watercolor, batik, block printing and lithography. Book illustrations include Folk Say 1930, edited by Ben Botkin; and Forgotten Frontiers by Alfred B Thomas. Indicative of the fact that she was one of the early painters in the Southwest is her 1939 painting titled Black Peaks in Arizona. She was a student of Doel Reed and was influenced by her association with Georgia O'Keeffe, both active in New Mexico.

Source: 1st Dibs