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Sell Your Art - David Dee Fine Arts

David Dee Fine Arts always seeks to buy quality artworks of the American West created during the 19th and 20th centuries.  We have particular interest in artists who lived in or traveled through Utah, the Rocky Mountains and the Desert Southwest.  We work discretely and pay top dollar.


Please consult the list of artists whose work we seek to buy, or feel free to contact us if you do not see your artist’s name.  We invite you to send us images or call to discuss the various options to sell your art and achieve highest value for you.


If you are intersted in having the gallery look at works to be sold, please email the following information to

1) Artist name

2) Title and date, if known

3) Image

4) Provenance/history of art work's ownership


Barkdull, Phillip H.
Baumann, Gustave
Beauregard, Donald
Berninghaus, Oscar
Best, Arthur William
Biddle, George
Bierstadt, Albert
Bischoff, Franz Arthur
Blakelock, Ralph
Borg, Carl
Borglum, Gutzon
Borglum, Solon
Buff, Conrad
Carvalho, Solomon
Christensen, C.C.A.
Colman, Samuel
Culmer, H.L.A.
Dallin, Cyrus Edwin
Davis, Stuart
Deakin, Edwin
Deffebach, Lee

Dellenbaugh, Frederick

Dixon, Maynard
Eisele, Charles
Evan, Edwin
Fairbanks, John B.
Farnsworth, Louise
Fery, John
Frazer, Mabel
Gifford, Sanford Robinson
Hafen, John
Harwood, James T.
Harwood, Rose

Heidernreich, Carl
Higgins, Victor
Hill, Thomas
Hurley, Wilson
Keith, William
Kensett, John Frederick
Kosa, Emil Jr.
Lambourne, Alfred
Looking Elk, Albert
Major, William Warner
Midgley, Waldo

Moser, Henri
Munger, Gilbert
Olsen, Don
Paris, Walter
Payne, Edgar
Piercy, Frederick
Potthast, Edward
Richards, Lee Greene
Rosenbaum, Howell
Sandzen, Birger
Snow, V. Douglas
Stewart, LeConte
Stuart, James
Teichert, Minerva
Wachtel, Elmer
Waldrum, Harold
Weggeland, Danquart Anthon
Whittredge, Worthington
Widforss, Gunnar
Wores, Theodore
Young, Harvey Otis
Young, Mahonri Macintosh