Wulf Barsch, utah artists, utah prints, David Dee Fine Arts

Wulf Barsch (1943 - )

untitled, 1986


22 x 20 inches

Retail Price $400

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Conrad Buff, California artist, David Dee Fine Arts

Conrad Buff (1886-1975) 

Zion, 1931


12.50 x 17.25 inches

Retail Price $5,000

Holiday Sale $4,000



Born and raised in the conservatism of nineteenth-century Switzerland, Conrad Buff spent a restless youth seeking an outlet for his artistic spirit. His talent would flourish in the majestic landscape and creative individualism of the American West. In the opening decade of the new century, his arrival in California coincided with the flowering of a dynamic movement in American art. Sketching and painting en plein air, Buff was inspired by the grandeur of the High Sierras and the drama of the wind-sculpted desert. In a long and prodigious career he bridged the coloration and brushwork of impressionism with the abstraction and structure of modern art. (Source: The Art and Life of Conrad Buff, by Libby Buff, George Stem, Will South) In the 1920s, a Los Angeles art critic wrote, “Conrad Buff comprehends the enormity of the West. More than that, he adds thereto a discernment of the stylized and conventionalized forms in which the West abound. Not one artist in a hundred grasps the significance of the West’s dynamic forms.”

Lee Deffebach, utah artist

Lee Deffebach (1928 - 2005)

Pacific Heights, 1982


9h x 12w inches

Retail Price $ 2,500.00

Holiday Sale Price $2,250

Lee Deffebach, Utah artist

Lee Deffebach

Two Chimneys at Tuscarora, 1986

Oil on canvas

7.50 x 9.50 inches

Retail Price $ 2,000.00

Holiday Sale $1,800

Lee Deffebach (1928-2005)

untitled, 1974

acrylic on canvas

55h x 44w inches

Retail Price $15,000

Holiday Sale $13,500

Lee Deffebach (1928-2005)

A Visit to Moab, 1989


6 x 6 inches (site)

Retail Price $900

Holiday Sale $850

Lee Deffebach (1928-2005)

Art Song, 1994

found metal

11.50 x 8 inches

Retail Price $450

Holiday Sale $250

Lee Deffebach (1928-2005)

Avalon, 1996

found metal

10.50 x 8 inches

Retail Price $450

Holiday Sale $250

Defffebach, found wood sculpture, utah artist

Lee Deffebach (1928-2005)

untitled, 2000


7.5 x 5.25 inches

Retail Price $200

Holiday Sale $150

Lee Deffebach (1928-2005)

Odd-Lot System, 1964


27.75 x 32.5 inches

Retail Price $ 1,500

Holiday Sale $950

Lee Deffebach (1928-2005)

Untitled, 1965


18h x 23w inches

Retail Price $ 1,500

Holiday Sale $950

Maynard Dixon, Snake Kiva-Oraibi, native american art, historical art, southwest art

Maynard Dixon (1875 - 1946)

Snake Kiva-Oraibi, 1902

pastel on paper

11 x 8 inches

Price Upon Request


In 1902 Dixon accepted a commission for illustration work from the Santa Fe Railroad.  In addition to being a source of income, it was an opportunity to retun to AZ, with which he had become enthralled on his first trip there in 1900.  He accompanied photographer Frederick I. Monson in Los Angeles on his assignment to photograph the Hopi on their remote mesas.  


It was, and remains, extremely rare for Anglos to be invited to reside with and observe the Hopi.  Dixon spent considerable time in Hopi country, including a 1923 trip in which he convalesced for four months, living with Namoki, one of the snake priests, and his blind brother, Loma Himma.  Dixon earned the trust of his Native American acquaintances and subjects through the years through showing them respect and displaying a genuine interest in their beliefs, practices, and cultures.  Even though he worked an an illustrator of western subjects, he had disdain for romanticized, condescending depictions of all westerners.  Here he has created an honest and admiring imaged of the Hopi village adobe architecture and ceremonial structure of the kiva.

James T. Harwood, Old BY Mill Liberty Park, Utah, J.T. Harwood, Utah artist, Utah art, Salt Lake City, Pioneer art

James T. Harwood (1860 - 1940)

Old Brigham Young Mill Liberty Park, 1885


3 x 4 inches

Signed and dated lower left

Retail Price $1,500

Holiday Sale $1,250


Harwood produced several paintings and etchings of the former farm and mill of Mormon colonizer Brigham Young, which later became Liberty Park in Salt Lake City.  This lovely, gem-like etching recalls the French Barbizon School training that Harwood received in Paris, and which he successfully translated into a celebration of rural life in Utah.  A late afternoon sun lights the cultivated fields, and on the mill's western adobe wall, as the days sets on land that is now part of an urban oasis.

woodblock print, Japanese, Jun'ichiro,

Sekino Jun'ichiro (1914-1988)

Blue Roof Tops

27.375 x 18.375 inches

Woodblock Print

Retail Price $1,950

Holiday Sale $1,500



Junichiro Sekino, a painter, graphic designer and a woodblock* print maker was one of the noted artists of the Sosaku Hanga* movement, an important current of Japanese art.

Sekino was stylistically and technically diverse: he easily switched from figurative to abstract art, from black and white compositions to colourful expression. He was also flexible with subjects.  Sekino sometimes resorted to mixing Western and Japanese techniques in his works.

He grew up in Aomori City alongside Shiko Munakata, the future 'Japanese Picasso', studying printmaking and oil painting. 1936 brought him a Bunten award for his etching*, awarded by the government. In 1939 he moved to the capital, where he came across the Sosaku Hanga movement and studied under one of its fathers: Koshiro Onchi. He kept a dual direction of his studies: traditional Japanese woodblock printing techniques as well as Western ones, modeling himself on the great artists of Japan and West.

During the war Sekino worked in a factory producing ammunition, as artistic life in Japan in those harsh years had literally reached a standstill. After the war, Sekino struggled to survive producing book illustrations. The 1950's were a better time for Sekino, and he launched his first show in Tokyo in 1953.

His works were also exhibited outside Japan and bought internationally by such European and American entities as the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York and The Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

In 1958 he received an invitation from the Rockefeller Foundation and the American Japan Society. From then on Sekino traveled and taught around the world. From 1965 he held a position at Kobe University."   Source: Askart


Roy Lichtenstein, pop art

Roy Lichtenstein (1923 - 1997)

Temple, 1964


23.75h x 17.75w inches

Retail Price $ 15,000.00

Holiday Sale $13,500.00

Henri Moser, utah landscape, Utah artist

J. Henri Moser (1876 -1951)

Bear Lake, Utah, 1950

Oil on board

9h x 12w inches

Retail Price $ 6,000

Holiday Sale $5,400

Don Olsen (1910-1983)

Enigma Variation, 1976

acrylic on canvas

72h x 60w inches

Retail Price $20,000

Holiday Sale $18,000

Don Olsen, Utah modern art

Don Olsen 1910 - 1983

UTICA, 1978

acrylic on paper

24.50 x 21.25 inches

Retail Price $5,000

Holiday Sale $4,500


Birger Sandzen, logan utah, landscape

Birger Sandzen. (1871-1954)

The Old Mill, Logan, Utah, 1929

Oil on canvas

22 x 28 inches

Price Upon Request


A view of a red mill before a poplar grove, set in the rugged Western landscape of Logan, Utah, applied in thick impasto typical of Sandzen's signature style. The mill also served as the subject of another Sandzen oil, The Red Mill (1929), in the Wichita Art Museum's permanent collection, as well as a watercolor in the collection of the Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery.

Birger Sandzen, landscape, red rock

Birger Sandzen (1871 - 1954)

The Red Canyon, 1927


17 x 22.25 inches

Retail Price $3,000

Holiday Sale $1,500




Pencil-signed and titled The Red Canyon is a view of the Colorado River, near Moab, Utah. 



Pencil signed - title lower left and signed lower right.  Printed signature and dated lower right. 


Charles Pelham Greenough, The Graphic Work of Birger Sandzen, Birger Sandzen Memorial Foundation, 2001, L - 117

Birger Sandzen, Utah State University, landscape

Sven Birger Sandzen (1871-1954)

Arroyo with Trees, 1925


12h x 18w inches

Retail Price $ 2,750

Holiday Sale $1,800

Birger Sandzen, utah poplars,

Birger Sandzen (1871 - 1954)

Utah Poplars, 1930


20 x 16 inches

Retail Price #3,000

Holiday Sale $1,500




A pencil-signed and titled lithographic composition of tall poplar trees. 

Birger Sandzen 1871 - 1954

Timberline Snow, 1925


9 7/8 x 13.75 inches

Retail Price $ 2,000

Holiday Sale $1,500



A pencil-signed and titled vista of Pike's Peak, with cedars in the foreground. Executed on cream laid paper, in a wooden frame.

Shinsui Ito, woodblock print

Ito Shinui 1898 - 1972

Soshun no Yoshida ( Early Spring in Yoshida), c. 1938

woodblock print

10.75 x 15.75 inches

signed and sealed Shinsui

Retail Price $2,000

Holiday Sale $1,200


An oban yoko-e print of Soshun no Yoshida (Early Spring in Yoshida), from the series Izu hakkei no uchi (Eight Views of Izu), of fields with Mount Fuji in the distance, publisher Watanabe Shozaburo seal (G: 1942-45), printer Ono Gintaro; 


Tony Smith, utah artist

Frank Anthony "Tony" Smith 

Scarecrow, 1983

43 x 55 inches

acrylic on canvas

Retail Price $10,000

Holiday Sale $7,500


One art curator wrote that, "Tony Smith’s paintings are works in motion…abundant in visual and psychological intrigue…imbued with magic, possibility, and surprise.”  A professor at the U of U from 1966 - 2001, uses illusionism, light, and color to create magical moments.  Smith remarked that, “What is important to me is magic, literal magic, a sense that the world is changeable, surprising, that it’s more than you think."



V. Douglas Snow (1927 - 2009)

The Road to Fruita

Oil on canvas

40h x 60w inches

Retail Price $22,500

Holiday Sale $19,500

V. Douglas Snow (1927 - 2009)

untitled, 1982

Oil on canvas

36h x 48d inches

Retail Price $15,000

Holiay Sale $13,500

Sherry Tafoya (1956 - )

Santa Clara Carved Blackware, 1985


9.5 x 9 inches

Signed on base

Retail Price $1,500

Holiday Sale $1,250


Born in Santa Clara Pueblo in 1956, Sherry Tafoya is the daughter of potter Mida Tafoya, a grand-daughter of Christina Naranjo, and a great-grand-daughter of Serafina Tafoya.  She carries on the family artistic and stylistic tradition with sharply incised black and redware. 


Incised black and redware pottery is one of the most recognized and celebrated styles of puebloan pottery.  It emerged as a signature method of manufacture and design within the Santa Clara Pueblo, though its origins can be traced to the Ancestral Puebloan people whose pottery-making traditions can be traced back thousands of years. 


Contemporary potters such as Sherry Tafoya follow the traditional hand-coil method of rolling wet clay into snakes and coiling the snakes on top of each other.  As the coils piled up, they are pinched together, then scraped on the inside and out to smooth the surfaces and remove extra clay.  Decoration is applied by brushing darker or lighter colors - red, black, and white over the surface.  The carving of the decoration takes place before firing in a wood-burning kiln structure.


Sherry Tafoya's work is characterized by deliberate and shaply formed carved edges, yielding especially crisp designs.  Her pottery is illustrated on page 233 of the book "Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery."

Linda Tafoya (1962-)

Santa Clara Carved Blackware Jar, 1985


10.5 x 8 inches

Signed on base

Retail Price $1.500

Holiday Sale $1,250


Linda Tafoya is the granddaughter of Santa Clara Pueblo pottery matriarch Margaret Tafoya, and the daughter of Lee and Betty Tafoya.  She began making pottery at age 12, with her father teaching her to make the vessels and carve the designs, and her mother teaching her how to sand and carve the vessels.  She learned how to manipulate the firing process to create a deep, black color, and uses family heirloom stones to perfect the polishing effect.  Although she has received many accolades, Linda is most proud of praise she once received from her renowned potter grandmother Margaret Tafoya: "You do good pots."

William Wendt, California painter, landscape

William Wendt 1865 - 1946

untitled (canyon landscape)

Oil on canvas

25 x 30 inches

Price Upon Request