John Henry Hill

American 1839 - 1922


Landscape painter, etcher, aquatintist. Born in West Nyack, NY in 1839. From a long line of artists, John Henry was the son of John Wm. Hill (1812- 1879) and grandson of John Hill (1770-1850), a well-known English engraver who immigrated to the U.S. in 1816. The younger Hill began exhibiting in NYC and Philadelphia in the late 1850s.


In 1868 he made a trip to the West as a member of the Clarence King survey expedition. On this trip he did a variety of sketches, watercolors, and gouaches in Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Yosemite and northern California. He returned to New York after about two years and had a studio­home on an island in Lake George where he developed his western sketches into large oils. 



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