Emile A Gruppe

American 1896 – 1978 


A prolific artist and an influential teacher, Emile Gruppé enjoyed a long and successful career that spanned over six decades. Best known for his vigorous portrayals of the harbors and houses of Gloucester, Massachusetts and the rural scenery of Vermont, his art reflects his belief that “When a man paints, he expresses his whole life; what he’s done and what he’s experienced. If you are bold and outgoing, your work will show it.”


Gruppe studied under John F. Carlson in Woodstock, New York, where a life-long friendship with Utah artist and fellow student LeConte Stewart began. Gruppé later stated that, “it was John Carlson who turned  me into a painter,” teaching to him to see all “the pictorial possibilities of a subject.” Like Stewart, he incorporated Carlson’s impressionist methods into his own painting style. It was likely during a 1930 visit to Ogden, Utah that he painted this late afternoon view of Mount Ben Lomond.