D. Howell Rosenbaum

American 1908 - 1982

Howell Rosenbaum was born in Brigham City, Utah in 1908. He is a painter that specialized in figure and landscape paintings. Rosenbaum passed away December 3, 1982.


Rosenbaum studied art in 1931 under Calvin Fletcher at the Utah State Agricultural College (U.S.U.). He then painted and developed on his own until 1938 as an exceptionally effective and unique landscapist of controlled emotion.


Rosenbaum joined the Seabees during WW2, and became a Utah painter who worked for Guadalcanal. The artist arrived back home again sometime after the war, and was a staunch recluse from that time on. He died in Ogden over thirty years later, without saying much more to anybody connected with his earlier years as one of our most gifted painters.


Source: Biography adapted from Artists of Utah.